Key Factors in Choosing a Construction Monitoring Services Firm in NYC

Many construction projects in New York City require hiring a construction monitoring services company in order to comply with NYC local building codes. Developers, contractors, project managers, and homeowners are among clients often required to use specialized monitoring to be in compliance with TPPN 10/88 due to the proximity of the construction site to historic building and neighborhoods. Building owners and contractors alike need to take the proper steps necessary to protect their assets, infrastructure, buildings, as well as neighboring properties. When hiring a monitoring services firm, there are some key factors clients should keep in mind in order to remain compliant and protect their assets.

Comprehensive solutions: Consider selecting a firm that can provide a full range set of solutions for a project, including working with you to create a plan that will address the needs for the entire project,  from pre-construction surveys or existing conditions documentation through all monitoring deemed necessary for each stage of the construction project, including thorough reporting before, during and after their project.

State of the art monitoring equipment: The specialized areas of vibration monitoring, crack gauge monitoring and geological monitoring require highly precise equipment and devices. Look for service companies using the most accurate state-of-the-art  industry equipment available, for both on-site and remote monitoring needs. Firms should demonstrate up to date knowledge of technologies and systems, while employing expert field technicians. This includes capability of providing remote alerts of real-time readings of equipment.

Communication and collaboration: Constant communication and reporting with each client is crucial while conducting vibration and crack gauge monitoring and other surveying services. This communication and reporting is vital before, during and after the construction project, and will vary depending on the type of project and the site. Highly skilled technicians and experts, plus thorough and extensive reporting, are key for meeting compliance, structural and safety requirements of any project. This includes collaborating and consulting with site owners, developers, engineers and other experts on the project.

Accurate and precise monitoring, highly skilled technical expertise, plus thorough and timely reporting are all crucial to ensuring that compliance and safety requirements are met and that building assets and values are protected and preserved in any urban construction project.