Recent Changes to Adjoining Property Notification Requirements Affects DOB

A recent amendment to the New York City Building Code adds new notification requirements pertaining to adjoining property owners. Although this new law only affects the Department of Building’s notification requirements, it will require the DOB to provide adjoining property owners in New York City with three written notices regarding construction plans.

Under this law, the DOB will be required to notify adjoining property owners when an application for approval of construction plans is received; when an application for a building permit is received; another notice at least 30 days before either construction or demolition work begins.

The amended law also requires the notice to include a copy of the building permit and the proof of insurance.

Cases of emergency construction work are exempt from this notification requirement.

Legislators introduced the bill in response to concerns from homeowners and tenants regarding building damages occurring as a result of construction on adjoining properties. Specifically mentioned by legislators was a case a number of years ago involving a building collapse in Brooklyn.

This is only the latest development in recent changes to the NYC building code regarding either adjoining or adjacent properties or structures, including the 2014 changes that included not only notification requirements but also pre-construction surveys and licenses to enter adjoining properties.

To read the amended code, please visit the following link: