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Saltus LLC invests in the latest industry monitoring equipment including automated motorized total stations and total station survey equipment, to provide you with the most precise construction monitoring and documentation services. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we’re able to provide remote and operator-supported monitoring solutions that deliver real-time data. We take pride in applying the latest technology to offer effective, efficient and safe solutions for your construction monitoring needs and pledge to implement new technologies in the future. To learn more about the innovative technologies we use every day, please see our detailed descriptions below.

Instantel Monitors

From the very start, Saltus has relied on Instantel monitors for all of our vibration monitoring projects. A member of the Stanley Black & Decker Group, Instantel monitors are the go-to choice for mining, construction and geotechnical projects in over a hundred countries worldwide. We proudly use the prestigious Instantel Micromate and Minimate Plus monitors to provide you with accurate, timely and uninterrupted vibration measurements. Each of these battery-operated monitoring units is engineered for portability, water-resistance, and plenty of memory to record and store thousands of events.


To monitor possible tilt movements in buildings and other structures during construction, our team trusts MEMS Tiltmeters. Easily attached to any structure with anchor bolts, these rugged, water-resistant wireless tiltmeters use highly sophisticated sensors to monitor any and all rotations of the structure. The information recorded by the tiltmeter can then be read by an automated datalogger to measure, document, analyze and validate any events.

Crack Gauges

To ensure compliance with the TPPN 10/80 Technical Policy in New York City, Saltus installs crack gauges during the pre-construction phase. These visual measurement tools allow our technicians to monitor any existing cracks found in the structure. During construction, our technicians will report on the crack’s progress to identify any further movements or expansions.


Often associated with the recording of earthquakes, seismographs also play a vital role in construction monitoring. To ensure that a construction project does not negatively impact the surrounding structures, our team installs seismic sensors and records to monitor, capture and alert the construction team when predetermined thresholds are exceeded or a ground movement event is caused by construction.

Wireless Crack Meters

To monitor surface cracks and joints, our technicians use crack meters. Installed on either side of a crack or joint, these meters record any movement events (such as the crack or joint opening/closing) and transmit this information to a datalogger or read-out unit for structural diagnosis.

Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS)

When it comes to providing effective, efficient and accurate optical surveying services, our team depends on Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS) to provide continuous monitoring during the entire construction process. This continuous monitoring helps determine if any lateral and horizontal movements have occurred during the construction process.

Once our surveyors install the AMTS units outside the construction zone, they provide real-time detail, documentation and accuracy without the use of an on-site operator. All recorded data is delivered to a secure website platform where clients can access, review and analyze it at their convenience.


Piezometers are used by our technicians to measure fluid pressure such as groundwater elevation and pore pressure. This is essential for monitoring earth- or rock-fill foundations, ensuring their stability and assessing uplift.  

Solar Battery Boxes

When our vibration monitoring tools are needed for extended durations, these rugged enclosures allow us to safely and securely house our units on-site. Waterproof and weatherproof to withstand all weather conditions, each enclosure’s battery and solar panel collaborate to provide continuous operation while their external modem antennas allow for uninterrupted signal transmission. 

Inuktun SPECTRUM 90 Caisson Inspection Video Camera

To thoroughly inspect the area where caissons and bedrock meet for cracks and fractures, our technicians employ the assistance of the Inuktun SPECTRUM 90 Caisson Inspection Video Camera. Designed to withstand increased amounts of pressure, this remote-controlled, waterproof camera supplies high-definition video footage of the area where the structure and rock meet. This allows inspectors and engineers to collect the necessary data for integrity management.  

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