Philosophy On Safety

Staying safe is fundamental to excel at our job.

The  wellness and health of our employees are our top priority. We go over and beyond to ensure working conditions are decent and services can be rendered properly. We understand that accidents and risks are common at construction sites. These are legit concerns that you, our client, and our staff have on their minds. We are prepared for any and all risks and hazards with our required health and training program.

Saltus’  health and training program provides our field techs with information to comply with local, state and federal laws. We operate with the proper health and protective equipment while on the job. We also keep constant communication with our field techs and other contractors to reduce all possible risk.

In the first month of training, our field technicians will  study and research these laws before, during, and after being certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA’s 30 Hour Construction course gives employees working in and around construction sites the required health and security standards. This course is provided by a licensed OSHA course provider.

Field techs will undergo more training with  MTA’s Track Safety Class. The MTA’s Track Safety Class certifies that technicians can complete work and analysis  on and near tracks. The MTA Track Safety Class is conducted by the New York City’s MTA.

These courses will allow our workers the information they need to prevent risk and accidents.

We also continue to promote safety and wellness to our staff and inform them of the latest in legislation and changes affecting their work when needed.