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What We Do

Primarily recognized as the Vibration Monitoring experts, Saltus has applied our construction monitoring and documentation experience and knowledge to expand our available construction surveying services. With a proven track record across numerous projects in New York City and nationwide, we offer comprehensive surveying solutions.

Our specialized monitoring and surveying services include: Optical Structural Surveying, Existing Conditions Documentation, Crack Gauge Monitoring, Wireless Tiltmeter Monitoring, and Video Caisson Inspections. 

Learn more about each of our construction surveying services below and for more information visit our FAQ page!


Vibration Monitoring

Saltus LLC offers wireless vibration monitoring and manned vibration monitoring for a variety of applications throughout New York City and Northern and Central New Jersey. Learn more about the importance of vibration monitoring in construction zones today. 


Existing Conditions Documentation

Existing Conditions Documentation, otherwise known as Pre/Post-Construction Surveys, includes detailed photographic data of buildings and areas adjacent to construction sites. Learn more about this recommended preliminary step before starting a construction project today.


Optical Structural Surveying

By installing targets at specific points on surrounding properties of a construction site, this critical service provides data to track any structural movement due to ongoing and future construction activities. We offer Manned Total Stations or Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS), learn more about which is best for your construction project today. 


Crack Gauge Monitoring

Our technicians use visual measurement tools to monitor existing structure cracks allowing the development of detailed reports on the progress, movements and expansions of cracks. We offer two options: Wireless and Stationary. Learn more about which option is best for your construction project today. 


Wireless Tilt Meter Monitoring

If requested by a client, we also provide wireless tilt meters to detect and monitor structural movements. Learn more about the use of tiltmeters and how they oversee the movement and stability of structures today.


Video Caisson Inspection

Apart from being safer and more accurate than previous methods of caisson inspection, our Video Caisson Inspection service delivers high definition video footage and data for highly accurate integrity management. Learn more about the benefits of video monitoring for caisson inspections today.