TPPN 10/88 Technical Policy

Tech Policy

Before many projects can be carried out in New York City, surveying and monitoring must be completed prior to construction. Here at Saltus, you will be provided this service to stay compliant with the TPPN 10/88 Technical Policy.

The Technical Policy and Procedure Notice # 10/88 (TPPN 10/88) of the New York City Department of Buildings (NYCDOB) requires surveying and monitoring of all landmark buildings located on a 90’ radius of a job site in New York City. Performing the steps and procedure from Existing Conditions Photographic Surveys and Vibration Monitoring Equipment are necessary when it comes to complying with this strict construction code. Initial construction phases, primarily demolition and foundation work, are known to create and emit vibration shocks that affect nearby structures, where Landmark buildings, due to their years of existence, might well be significantly affected.

TPPN 10/88, established in 1988, created a baseline where, both contractors and neighbors, are legally protected during the pre-, ongoing and/or post-construction process.

Saltus specializes in ongoing vibration monitoring and we conduct Existing Condition Photographic Surveys. With this service, you will not need to worry whether or not you’re compliant with TPPN 10/88. When we are contacted prior to construction to perform this service, you are automatically complying with this policy.

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