Construction monitoring services serve as a way for stakeholders to ensure their projects are being done safely and correctly. Saltus offers many surveying services including Vibration Monitoring, Optical Structural Surveying, Existing Conditions Documentation, Crack Gauge Monitoring, Wireless Tiltmeter Monitoring and Video Caisson Inspections.

Vibration monitoring uses special equipment (seismographs) to accurately monitor, measure and record vibrations during the construction process to avoid damaging surrounding structures and remain compliant with all local laws and policies.

Saltus technicians will either install manned or wireless vibration monitoring equipment that records any spikes in vibrations that could cause damage to the surrounding structure. Manned units require a technician on-site to monitor the data while wireless units automatically send reports directly to the client.

Manned Total Stations and Automated Motorized Total Stations(AMTS) track all structural movement, lateral and horizontal, due to any construction activities. Manned Total Stations are set up by Saltus surveyors who manually establish benchmarks and document any movement. This is great when construction processes require optical structural surveying services on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. AMTS units provide continuous monitoring, supplying real-time detail, reporting and accuracy. This is ideal if the construction process requires continual monitoring.

Wireless gauges are often used in hard to reach areas making it more reliable to capture any movement. Regular stationary gauges also known as “tell tells” are used in accessible areas that make it easier for field techs to capture and record any visible movements.

Saltus uses a variety of innovative equipment tools including Instantel Monitors, Tiltmeters, Crack Gauges, Seismographs, Wireless Crack Meters, Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS), Piezometers, Solar Battery Boxes, and Inuktun SPECTRUM 90 Caisson Inspection Video Cameras.

While existing conditions documentation is required under some policies it is also a beneficial service for any construction project to minimize risk, lower expenses and avoid any potential liability.

Optical structural surveying monitors the horizontal and lateral movement of nearby structures due to strong vibrations from construction projects including excavating, underpinning, and demolition.

Crack gauges are pieces of equipment used to measure and monitor crack movement during construction to identify any further developments.

Depending on the condition of the install location, gauges can be installed by either epoxy or screws.

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