1 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY

About the Project:

We partnered with our client, Slate Property Group, to provide a variety of services at 1 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, NY. The property is a 19-story, 183-unit rental building on a wedge-like site location. Slate Property Group designed a stunning contextual building that includes a large, three-story, double-height retail base perfect for this corner site. Slate turned to us for a combination of services.

Prior to the start of excavation, our team installed wireless vibration monitors in the surrounding buildings and subway tunnels, adjacent to project, to ensure that every structure was protected as per the New York City DOB code. With our real-time notification system, our clients receive alerts if established vibration thresholds are exceeded. This system was put into place at this location.

Our team also performed existing conditions documentation in all buildings involved. This photographic inspection provides our client with evidence of existing conditions in the structures involved, including any existing damage that may be present.

Since 1 Flatbush Ave. is located between 2 NYC Transit Tunnels, our team also installed seismographic monitoring equipment in both adjacent subway tunnels to monitor tunnel vibrations, using our manned services. In addition, we provided crack gauge & tell-tale monitoring, optical structure surveying in adjacent properties and subway tunnels, and level line surveys in the subway tunnels.

With manned monitoring, our technician is always on site to inform the Superintendent and MTA inspector immediately, in the event vibration levels are exceeded.

Saltus LLC is involved in every aspect of the development process, ensuring that our clients, are in compliance with New York City construction standards.


1 Flatbush Ave
Downtown Brooklyn

Project Type

New Construction


Vibration Monitoring
Existing Conditions Documentation
Subway Tunnel Monitoring

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