136-140 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY

About the Project:

Saltus was contracted to perform a variety of services related to the new construction of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel located at 136-140 West 42nd Street in the heart of Times Square, in NYC. The 175,000 sq. ft. hotel is located next door to the historic Knickerbocker Hotel, with 35 hotel floors plus 3 floors of retail space. The building is a concrete flat plate structure. The hotel is in close proximity to major Times Square and Midtown Manhattan attractions and was designed to overlook Times Square attractions, including the New Year’s Eve ball drop.

We performed services related to the foundation portion of the project as required by the NYC DOB code and NYCTA. This included both monitoring services for both subway tunnels and because of requirements regarding adjacent landmark building districts.

For the NYCTA subway tunnels, we provided Existing Conditions Survey/Photographic Documentation services. Existing conditions documentation allows a team of specialists to inspect the properties surrounding the construction site before starting a new construction project. This documentation records any existing issues that could potentially impact the construction project. We also installed crack gauge monitors and provided monitoring services in the Subway tunnel. When cracks are identified in nearby structures during the existing conditions documentation, crack gauges are installed in existing areas of concern to record the cracks’ progress.

For required vibration monitoring, we installed seismic monitoring equipment, which ensures that a construction project does not negatively impact the surrounding structures. We also provided Manned Seismic Monitoring (continuous) and Real Time Vibration Monitoring for the duration of the project, a piece of equipment that is used to record and report any spikes in vibrations in the surrounding structures.

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136-140 W. 42nd Street
New York

Project Type

New Construction – Foundation Work


Vibration Monitoring
Existing Conditions Documentation
Crack Gauge Monitoring
Seismic Monitoring

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