51 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY

About the Project:

Our client hired us to provide services at their construction project located at 51 Jay Street in the DUMBO historic district in Brooklyn, NY. The property is a landmark building and was remodeled by the client. The building now houses condominiums.

Saltus LLC performed a pre-construction survey on an adjacent building located on Water Street prior to the start of the project. We also performed vibration monitoring at the site to preserve the historic facade façade of the building.

The project included additional services related to the east (Manhattan bound) subway tunnel adjacent to the construction site.

Services were conducted for the duration of the 15-month-long project.

Some details of the work include the following:

  • Wireless vibration monitoring was completed on the façade of the building from the top floor to the basement during the demolition and construction phases. Included real-time monitoring and notification services.
  • A crack gauge monitor was placed on the façade of the building, on the northwest corner of the site.
  • Our work in the subway tunnel included both photographic surveyings as well as vibration monitoring for the Manhattan-bound subway tunnel running under the East River. For this project, our team installed seismic monitoring equipment in the tunnels located 10 flights below ground.
  • Our services included manned monitoring with on-site technicians.


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51 Jay Street

Project Type

Major Renovation, Demolition, Addition


Vibration Monitoring
Existing Conditions Documentation
Crack Gauge Monitoring
Pre-construction Survey
Seismic Monitoring
Subway Tunnel Monitoring

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