Providing Reliable Data with Wireless Crack Gauge Monitoring

Crack gauge monitoring is an essential part of any construction monitoring plan. In New York City, crack gauge monitoring is required as part of TPPN #10/88 in the building code, and for the preservation of historic landmark buildings and structures.

A crack gauge monitoring program generally consists of both a physical inspection and photographic survey in the pre-construction phase, as well as crack gauge measuring equipment that is in place throughout the construction process. Crack gauge monitors and sensors are positioned to monitor existing cracks in adjacent structures, and these cracks are continuously monitored for changes or displacements.

Wireless crack gauge monitors are the best option for many types of construction projects and sites. The use of technologically-advanced wireless sensors and monitoring equipment provides a number of benefits to projects that require crack gauge monitoring. These benefits are found in all phases of the crack gauge monitoring process, including measuring, collecting and transmitting data to the client. They include:

Versatility – wireless crack gauge systems can be used in any number of structure types, including tunnels, buildings, and bridges. Systems can be used in a variety of construction projects. Wireless crack gauge monitors are also a better option than tell-tale crack monitors for sites that have either limited access or for hard-to -reach areas.

Reliability and accuracy – Wireless monitoring systems have the ability to measure data on a constant basis; all data is recorded in real time and transmitted to the client with no waiting time via cell phones directly to the client’s computer. Any issues such as displacement can be reported in real-time to minimize risk. Reports can be created on a custom basis, depending on the needs of each client and project. Monitors have a five-year battery life, so there is virtually no interruption in service.

When used as part of a complete construction monitoring solution, wireless crack gauge monitors are among the most advanced monitoring equipment that can be used in any construction monitoring program.