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We thank you for visiting our homepage and look forward to beginning a partnership with you whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, developer, or may need any of our efficient and competitively priced construction monitoring services and compliance needed for construction.

Saltus LLC is a Manhattan-based provider for Documentation and Construction Monitoring Services. We provide work for all five of the New York City boroughs. Saltus LLC management and team has more than twenty years of experience in the construction industry. Stemming from specific expertise in their fields, our company’s founders came together in 2008 to create Saltus, which continues to drive excellence today in the construction monitoring services industry. We aim to work with our clients to come up with solutions for their particular project – be it a single-family home or a downtown skyscraper.

Our experience in documentation and construction monitoring services makes us an ideal prospect for your needs, always looking out for your interests and keeping you updated each step of the way. Every day we focus on providing our clients with highly precise data with the most competitive prices within the industry. Our certified team and field technicians will provide you with the necessary seismographic and documentation reports so you stay compliant.

For the latest on some of our current projects, visit our official Facebook page and communicate directly with us as well. Your success is a source of pride and excellence for us.

TPPN 10/88 Technical Policy

Before many projects can be carried out in New York City, surveying and monitoring must be completed prior to construction. Here at Saltus. you will be provided this service to stay compliant with the TPPN 10/88 Technical Policy.

The Technical Policy and Procedure Notice # 10/88 (TPPN 10/88) of the New York City Department of Buildings (NYCDOB) requires for surveying and monitoring of all landmark buildings located on a 90’ radius of a job site in New York City. Vibration Monitoring Equipment and Existing Conditions Photographic Surveys are the steps and procedures needed to take when it comes to complying with this strict construction code. Initial construction phases, primarily demolition and foundation work, are known to create and emit vibration shocks that affect nearby structures, where Landmark buildings, due to their years of existence, might well be significantly affected.

TPPN 10/88, established on 1988, creates a baseline where, both contractors and neighbors, are legally protected during a pre, ongoing and/or post-construction process.

Saltus specializes in ongoing vibration monitoring and we conduct Existing Condition Photographic Survey. With this service, you will not need to worry whether or not if you're compliant with TPPN 10/88. When we are contacted prior to construction to perform this service, you are automatically complying with this policy.

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Our Services

Our personnel is dedicated to providing the following construction monitoring services with a top of the line approach to our clients.



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Saltus LLC offers two types of Vibration Monitoring in New York City and Northern and Central New Jersey:

Wireless Vibration Monitoring & Manned Vibration Monitoring

  1. Wireless Vibration Monitoring consists of installing the seismographic equipment. The data is automatically sent to the client in real time. This also includes any spikes in vibrations, which create automatic triggers that are sent to specific Contacts at the client’s requests.
  2.  Manned Vibration Monitoring consists of a Field Technician who monitors the data gathered by the seismographic equipment on-site. Our skilled Field Technicians are trained to know when to notify a construction site manager, site engineer, etc. when the vibrations emitted by construction activities may affect neighboring structures. This type of monitoring is commonly used for sensors installed on MTA properties and tunnels.

Vibration Monitoring may, and is mostly used, for some of the following construction activities and/or scenarios:

  • Construction
  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Blasting
  • Dynamic Compaction
  • Pile Driving
  • Remote Access
  • Tunnel/Subway
  • Underwater
  • Vibration Dose


Existing Conditions Documentation, otherwise known as Pre/Post-Construction Surveys, include detailed Photographic data of buildings and areas adjacent to construction sites.

Before any construction site Mobilizes, it is highly recommended to conduct an Existing Conditions Documentation of all adjacent properties that surround the Construction site. The Photographic Documentation will document existing conditions of the properties, Construction site, and determine where Crack Gauges may be required, as well as locations for any Vibration Monitoring recommendations or requirements. Performing a follow up Photographic Documentation after construction has finalized is also recommended.

Existing Conditions Documentations are also a common practice in any MTA subway properties that require Vibration Monitoring.



By installing Targets at specific points on surrounding properties of a Construction site, this critical Service provides Data to track any Structural movement due to ongoing and future construction activities. ie: underpinning, excavation or demolition directly next to the neighboring structures. Optical Monitoring Survey Services are provided on a bi-weekly, weekly, or daily basis meeting our client needs. Our Surveyors are capable of documenting areas with high detail, identifying potential factors that may need to be addressed before and/or during a construction, and createing thorough reports in order to comply with the needs of our clients.


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Our technicians use visual measurement tools to monitor existing structure cracks allowing the development of detailed reports on the progress, movements and expansions of cracks.



If requested by a client, we also provide wireless tilt meters to detect and monitor structural movements.


Saltus strives for excellence and our clients are proud of the services we provide. We also take great pride and consideration in our work. For prospective clients, provided here are a sample of some of our recent and completed work. Clients ranging from Adam America Real Estate, Langan Engineering, Slate Property Group, The Witkoff Group, and a growing portfolio of other clients have entrusted us with their needs and projects.

Projects may consist of  an array of services to include vibration monitoring, Pre-Construction Surveys, Crack Gauge Monitoring, and more. Saltus LLC has provided its services to significant projects and developments throughout New York City. While performing these services, Saltus LLC, has also complied with its clients’ requests. Projects stay within accordance to their needs and those stipulated by different government and local agencies.

Saltus LLC’s projects in construction monitoring are heavily featured during the foundation phases of a construction site, which include working in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Subway Tunnels, and on Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), as well as, the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH).

As mentioned before, our projects are always conducted using skilled field technicians and the latest technology in vibration monitoring and surveying. We promise professionalism and quality from your project’s start to finish.

1 Flatbush Ave, Downtown Brooklyn

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321-325 W 35th Street, New York, NY

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1717 Broadway Street, New York, NY

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1 Flatbush Ave, Downtown Brooklyn

Featured Project: 1 Flatbush Ave, Downtown Brooklyn

Project Type: New Construction

Services: Vibration Monitoring, Existing Conditions Documentation, NYCTA Tunnel Monitoring

We partnered with our client, Slate Property Group, to provide a variety of services at 1 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, NY. The property is a 19-story, 183-unit rental building on a wedge-like site location. Slate Property Group designed a stunning contextual building that includes a large, three-story, double-height retail base perfect for this corner site. Slate turned to us for a combination of services.

Prior to the start of excavation, our team installed Wireless Vibration Monitors in the surrounding buildings and subway tunnels, adjacent to project, to ensure that every structure was protected as per the New York City DOB code. With our real-time notification system, our clients receive alerts if established vibration thresholds are exceeded. This system was put into place at this location.

Our team also performed Existing Conditions Documentation in all buildings involved. This photographic inspection provides our client with evidence of existing conditions in the structures involved, including any existing damage that may be present.

Since 1 Flatbush Ave. is located between 2 NYC Transit Tunnels, our team also installed seismographic monitoring equipment in both adjacent subway tunnels to monitor tunnel vibrations, using our manned services. In addition, we provided crack gauge & tell-tale monitoring, optical structure surveying in adjacent properties and subway tunnels, and level line surveys in the subway tunnels.

With manned monitoring, our technician is always on site to inform the Superintendent and MTA inspector immediately, in the event vibration levels are exceeded.

Saltus LLC is involved in every aspect of the development process, ensuring that our clients, are in compliance with New York City construction standards.


321-325 W 35th Street, New York, NY

Project Spotlight: 321-325 W 35th Street, New York, NY


– Crack Gauge/Telltales Installation and Monitoring
– Real Time Vibration Monitoring (seismographs)

Saltus was hired for services related to foundation work for a commercial project located at 321-325 West 35th street, between 8th and 9th Ave in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Midtown Manhattan, south of Times Square. Their services were conducted over a 16-month period. Services included crack gauge/telltale monitoring, installation of seismographs and real time vibration monitoring for the duration of the project.

1717 Broadway Street, New York, NY

Saltus LLC was key in providing Vibration Monitoring services for the development of this high-end structure located in Midtown, Manhattan.

136-140 W 42nd Street, New York, NY

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51 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY

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High Line, New York, NY

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136-140 W 42nd Street, New York, NY

Project Type: New Construction – Foundation Work


  • Crack Gauge Monitoring
  • Existing Condition Photographic Documentation –​ NYCTA S Shuttle Subway Line
  • Manned Seismic Monitoring
  • ​​Real Time Vibration Monitoring

Saltus was contracted to perform a variety of services related to the new construction of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel located at 136-140 West 42nd Street in the heart of Times Square, in NYC. The 175,000 sq. ft. hotel is located next door to the historic Knickerbocker Hotel, with 35 hotel floors plus 3 floors of retail space. The building is a concrete flat plate structure. The hotel is in close proximity to major Times Square and Midtown Manhattan attractions and was designed to overlook Times Square attractions, including the New Year’s Eve ball drop.

We performed services related to the foundation portion of the project as required by the NYC DOB code and NYCTA. This included both monitoring services for both subway tunnels and because of requirements regarding adjacent landmark building districts.

For the NYCTA subway tunnels, we provided Existing Conditions Survey/Photographic Documentation services. We also installed crack gauge monitors and provided monitoring services in the Subway tunnel.

For required vibration monitoring, we installed seismic monitoring equipment and provided Manned Seismic Monitoring (continuous) and Real Time Vibration Monitoring for the duration of the project.


51 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY

Featured Project: 51 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY

Project type: Major Renovation, Demolition, Addition 

Services: Pre-construction survey, Existing Conditions Photographic Documentation, Seismic Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Crack Gauge Monitoring, Subway Tunnel Monitoring

Our client hired us to provide services at their construction project located at 51 Jay Street in the DUMBO historic district in Brooklyn, NY. The property is a landmark building and was remodeled by the client. The building now houses condominiums.

Saltus LLC performed a pre-construction survey on an adjacent building located on Water Street prior to the start of the project. We also performed vibration monitoring at the site to preserve the historic facade façade of the building.

The project included additional services related to the east (Manhattan bound) subway tunnel adjacent to the construction site.

Services were conducted for the duration of the 15-month long project.

Some details of the work include the following:

  • Wireless vibration monitoring was completed on the façade of the building from the top floor to the basement during the demolition and construction phases. Included real time monitoring and notification services.
  • A crack gauge monitor was placed on the façade of the building, on the northwest corner of the site.
  • Our work in the subway tunnel included both photographic surveying as well as vibration monitoring for the Manhattan-bound subway tunnel running under the East River. For this project, our team installed seismic monitoring equipment in the tunnels located 10 flights below ground.
  • Our services included manned monitoring with on-site technicians.

High Line, New York, NY

Saltus LLC provided its Monitoring Services during a reconstruction phase of this highly acclaimed New York City linear park and urban design located in Midtown’s West Side, Manhattan.


Saltus LLC invests in the latest industry equipment to provide you with the most precise construction monitoring and documentation services. We take great pride in providing our services and include the use of the latest equipment’s in technology for remote monitoring of projects in real-time. Finding high-tech, efficient, and safe solutions for your construction monitoring needs is our priority.

Instantel, a member of the Stanley Black & Decker Group, provides its equipment to mining, construction and geotechnical projects in over a hundred countries worldwide. We proudly use the prestigious Instantel Minimate Plus monitors, which helps us provide you with trustworthy vibration measurements. Soon, we will employ their latest product Micromate to keep up with the latest tools and to stay up to date, while allowing faster reports to be provided to our clients.

Our software and programming capabilities allow us to provide construction monitoring and reports characterized by their excellent organization and easy to follow formatting.

Other equipment, such as Tiltmeters, are needed to monitor possible tilt movements in buildings and other structures during construction.

Other necessary equipment that we use, would be the installation of crack gauges. Crack Gauges monitor all noticeable cracks found during the pre-construction. Monitoring those cracks thoroughly will also keep you compliant with TPPN 10/80 in New York City.

Philosophy On Safety

Staying safe is fundamental to excel at our job.

The  wellness and health of our employees are our top priority. We go over and beyond to ensure working conditions are decent and services can be rendered properly. We understand that accidents and risks are common at construction sites. These are legit concerns that you, our client, and our staff have on their minds. We are prepared for any and all risks and hazards with our required health and training program.

Saltus'  health and training program provides our field techs with information to comply with local, state and federal laws. We operate with the proper health and protective equipment while on the job. We also keep constant communication with our field techs and other contractors to reduce all possible risk.

In the first month of training, our field technicians will  study and research these laws before, during, and after being certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA's 30 Hour Construction course gives employees working in and around construction sites the required health and security standards. This course is provided by a licensed OSHA course provider.

Field techs will undergo more training with  MTA's Track Safety Class. The MTA's Track Safety Class certifies that technicians can complete work and analysis  on and near tracks. The MTA Track Safety Class is conducted by the New York City's MTA.

These courses will allow our workers the information they need to prevent risk and accidents.

We also continue to promote safety and wellness to our staff and inform them of the latest in legislation and changes affecting their work when needed.

Contact us with your questions or if you need any other information. We are here to help.

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